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You must have noticed that the number of videos that pop up on your Facebook feed, Instagram feed or on any other network for that matter, have increased tremendously. There is a big reason behind this increase! 9 times out of 10 video ads perform way better than other formats and everybody wants to take advantage of this increasing popularity!

Why Videos Perform Better

  • Videos allow us to show all aspects of a product. We can display the product from all possible angles and at the same time display the utility of the product.
  • It is easier to view a video than to read long ad texts. Most people prefer watching a video over reading!
  • In November 2015, Facebook hit 8 billion video views daily (TechCrunch), doubling its figure of 4 billion from April just 6 months earlier.
  • 100 Million Hours Of Facebook Videos Are Watched Every Day. (TechCrunch)


Video ads are outperforming other ad formats by nearly 10 times!

Video ads are outperforming other ad formats by nearly 10 times!


We know that you don’t believe it until you see it! So here are some numbers for an e-commerce client that sells women’s clothing-

What’s Next – Try AdYogi Video Creator for free

Hopefully, by now we’ve convinced you to focus more on video ads!  Here are a few videos you can draw inspiration from! You can use our free video creator-

  1.      This video used to display colour options in the swimsuit is brilliant!

2.     Snap up pants video- This is a great way to display different angles of the product and highlight various functions.

There’s more! You can also post/host your videos on youtube! You never know, you might go viral and this may help drive traffic to your website!

Now, we know that you must be thinking that all these stats and information is good but who’s got the time to create videos? Well, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming! The AdYogi video creator allows you to create videos within 2 minutes! We are constantly working on improving the video creator and coming up with various templates for you to choose from.

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