Facebook Ads Manager for E-Commerce

AdYogi is a Marketing Automation Software, developed with a vision to help e-commerce businesses large or small, acquire customers online and thereby increase sales and profits in the most efficient manner.

AdYogi’s Facebook automation tool helps the users to capitalize on delivering personalized ads with automated prospecting, retargeting and cross-selling using cutting machine learning algorithms, to drive sales. The platform gives you easy yet effective tools to automate sales on your e-commerce portal. We automatically pick top rated and best-selling products from your website and create advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to ensure that your top products are in front of your best clients.

Entire optimization algorithms work to meet single objective of achieving higher sales / orders on the website and gaining intelligence in the process.

One of the very few performance oriented dashboard with complete transparency in terms of full sales funnel numbers like Clicks CTR, value & number of orders etc. Clients have complete flexibility on running ads / creatives and which products they want to promote.

Our Clients

Carlton London

Important Features

Ad Creation

Create different ads systematically & intuitively with the click of a button.

  • Pick from any of the four ad formats – Newsfeed, Carousel, Slideshow & Video Ads.
  • Create product videos along with their ads quickly.
  • Multiple templates for creating videos.


Eliminate repetitive tasks by automating essential functions.

  • Remove out of stock products from your ads.
  • Automatic sync with the catalogue. No hassle of uploading pictures or resizing them according to Facebook guidelines.
  • Create automated ads for smart categories like Top selling, Most viewed, High-value products.


Automatic optimisation to ensure allocation of budgets to best-performing adsets.

  • Budgets optimized regularly on the basis of performance.
  • Targeting only the most relevant audiences to ensure your money isn’t wasted.
  • Targeting audiences on the basis of their funnel stages such as product views, add to cart, checkout, purchases.


See detailed metrics of all your ads to identify the best-performing ones along with daily reporting of impressions, clicks, add to carts, spend, sales and sale amount.

  • Insights into performance at ad, placement and adset level.
  • Compare the performance of campaigns with previous periods based on Add to Cart to Purchase Ratio.
  • Get a detailed view of the funnel to analyse performance at each stage of the customer journey.

Types of Facebook Ad Automation

Custom ads help you promote a sale or an offer by either picking from product catalogue or by uploading custom images. They can be any of the following:

  • Carousel Ads
  • Canvas Ads
  • News Feed
  • Video Ads

AdYogi algorithm helps you to choose the best performing products and show them to the right target audience. The platform automatically creates ads on the basis of the performance of different products split into various headings like:

  • Most Viewed Products
  • High Value Products
  • Most Selling Products

These ads let you convert website traffic and page audience into shoppers by showing them exact products they viewed, added to cart or purchased on your website.

AdYogi vs Facebook Feature Comparison Table

Features AdYogi Facebook
Custom Audiences
Conversion Tracking
Automatic Creation Of Catalog
Automatic Creation Of Smart Ads
Ad Recommendations For Improving Relevance Score
Automatic Resizing Of Creatives
Budget Optimizer Between Different Adsets
Cross-Account Performance Views
Google Analytics Integration
Client And Team Views

Marketing Director, fancypantsthestore.com

I was able to double my business within 3 months of service. AdYogi has delivered me with phenomenal response of 7.2x on my investments.

Sneha Bhattacharya
Founder | www.theleatherbox.com

Our business revolves around creating handcrafted classic shoes for men. AdYogi has always given valuable operational support and not to forget, the savvy marketing strategies that were employed from their end directly reflected in my store’s ROI. I would love to recommend AdYogi to anyone who wants to run ads for their E-Commerce store.

Sheetal Thakur
Founder |www.foreverkidz.in

Thanks to Team AdYogi for executing our Facebook Marketing ad campaign. It indeed is well tailored to our needs and complimented our goals. Their Marketing package has made a significant increase in our daily sales. Came our way exactly at the time when someone could offload our daily task with some science being applied to it. Now we can focus on our product and customers more and it just feels right!!!