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Adyogi is a Marketing Automation Software, developed with a vision to help businesses- large or small, acquire customers online and thereby increase sales and profits in the most efficient manner.

Adyogi platform gives you easy yet effective tools to automate sales on your e-commerce portal. We automatically pick best-selling products from your website and create ads on Facebook & Instagram to ensure your top products are always in front of your best customers. Sit back and relax while we focus our energy on getting just the right set of people to visit your online store and make purchases. To top it all, our reporting engine tracks each and every sale coming from our platform, so you are always in control of what you are spending for.

About Us

Adyogi is the brainchild of professionals from Ivy League Indian B-Schools with over 35+ years of experience in varied fields, ranging from Consulting & Finance to Strategy & Marketing. In pursuit of creating a leading performance based marketing solution, the idea of Adyogi platform was conceived.

Adyogi.com under the aegis of its parent company M/s. Xplanck Marketing Pvt. Ltd. was founded in August 2015 with the sole purpose of simplifying Digital Marketing, Automated Prospecting, Retargeting and Cross-selling. Smaller brands can now access the complex technology with a simple user interface expanding the reach of digital marketing avenues.

Parent company Xplanck has been doing consistently well in mobile/digital marketing space for past three years for its clients, ranging from top corporates to small medium Businesses in sectors such as Real Estate, Healthcare, E-Commerce among others. Adyogi offers a pay as you go model, and features programmatic media buying, predictive revenue optimization, and real-time business intelligence across today’s most valuable social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in providing remarkable marketing solutions, by serving our clients with utmost dedication and driving them to their desired results.

Our Mission

To help businesses – large and small, acquire customers online and thereby increase sales and profits in the most efficient manner.

To help our clients capitalize on delivering personalized ads with automated prospecting, retargeting and cross-selling using cutting-edge technology, to drive sales.

To help our clients upscale the returns up to 7x-8x on their Ad Spends using our performance based solution.

Our Values

  • Respect others and succeed together.
  • Highest integrity & standards.
  • Performance with purpose.


Our Expertise


History of Adyogi

The idea of building the Next Generation marketing technology with ROI measurement, which is accessible to all businesses was conceived.

2 founders + 1 Vision = "Next Generation Global Company"

Winning the trust of our first client and earning our initial revenue gave us the kick-start we needed.

Since our launch, we have served over 50 clients. Our outstanding technical expertise and superior strategic consulting has enabled us to serve many large corporations as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Adyogi (Marketing Automation Software) was finally launched.


Retargeting is a form of online advertising that gets your website visitors who convert, back to your site by showing them ads of their searched products/ ads of the products they had searched for.

1. Users visit your website :They browse a few pages and learn about what you're offering, but leave before converting.

2. They see your retargeting ads as they browse after : Adyogi’s retargeting campaigns reach users both as they browse the web and as they check the latest Facebook updates.

3. Users return to your website and complete the purchase : Adyogi’s campaign retargets your users and makes them shop on your website.

While cross-selling to existing customers, one of the biggest challenges for online retailers is knowing what products to advertise and what audience to target. Using Facebook’s dynamic product ads, Adyogi adds the capability to automatically generate, target and optimize thousands of ads for cross-selling. This is accomplished by using product sets or product categories.Dynamic ads enable advertisers to significantly scale their Facebook cross-selling activities across all devices and more rapidly up-sell existing customers with other products.

Our Offerings

Drive sales on your online store through ads on Facebook and Instagram powered by Adyogi

Personalized Catalog

Automatically sync your website with Adyogi and create catalog of all your products

Increase Customer Base

Identify prospects which are similar to your best performing customers

Smart Ads

Automatically create ads of products with maximum eyeballs

Custom Ads

Promote your latest range of inventory through Custom Ads feature

Dynamic Products Ads

Convert website traffic into shoppers by showing them exact products they viewed on your website

Quick Statistics

Ad-wise reporting to ensure you get most out of your ad spend

Awesome Features

The most widely used retargeting platform, here is why

Ease of use

Pick products directly from your catalog and create ads with the click of a
button on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Fully automated

Have full control of your ad spend. Play or Pause your ads on the go as
per your business needs.


See detailed metrics of all your ads to identify the best performing ones.
Real time reporting of impressions, clicks, click rates, sales, sale amount etc.
to ensure your money is always spent efficiently.

Auto refresh

Refresh your ads automatically to ensure they always stay in sync
with your website.

ADYOGI - Self-Serve Platform

Automatically create ads of your top selling products on Facebook and Instagram and drive sales on your online platform.


Our Partners

Boost eCommerce Sales upto 10x with Retargeting


Ecommerce Site Builders

Adyogi Ecommerce Sales Automation Platform can easily integrate with all the ecommerce site builders

Case Studies

How Adyogi has used dynamic ads to target and retarget potential customers on social media platforms?

By directing relevant traffic excessive use of ‘drive’ online sales for a Luxury Women Apparel brand by driving relevant traffic on the portal and increased sales by 7.5x to 10x

Fancypants - An online retailer discovered that many of its consumers were browsing through products - even adding some to their carts - without making actual purchases. They wanted to increase on-site sales without inflicting consumers with aggressive or unnecessary ads. The challenge was to encourage users to go beyond online browsing and complete the purchase. The retailer wanted a campaign that would remind and persuade users to make an online purchase based on their on-site browsing history. They partnered with Adyogi to develop a strategy to increase onsite conversions. The approach was to retarget shopping cart abandoners and site visitors with personalized messages, encouraging them to go back to the site to complete their purchases.

Resut: Sales increased by 100% in a span of 4 months.
Techniques used: Retargeting on Facebook / Instagram, Cross-selling / Up-selling, Advanced Segmentation, Advance Algorithmic, Dynamic Creative.

How did always riding earn a ROI of 450% in less than one month? E-commerce & sports accessories retailer

Always Riding is a leading online provider of cycling apparel and accessories, selling over 2,000 products of the best known brands in the cycling marketplace. It sells stylish sports add-ons from both independent & established market players.

Techniques used: Retargeting on Facebook / Instagram, Cross-selling and Up-selling.

Increased sales by 70% by A-B testing multiple ad variants for a premier e-commerce platform selling exclusive range of
Lip Balms

Island Kiss is a Lip Care Brand inspired by Tropical Beaches across the world, fragrant coasts, salty air and lush notes of fruit and flower. Backed by Global Fund Solutions, Island kiss plans on a systematic product growth plan across the year 2016-2017.

Resut: Sales increased by 70% in a span of 90 days.

Created 100s of ads of top selling products using Intelligent Ad Creator (IAC) for Stori Online to promote their exclusive Mens’ Fashion line

An INR 1.25 Billion Company, Stori Fashions is the answer to the questions posed by the new fashion-conscious young and confident India. Storionline.com sells exclusive range of Mens’ Fashion products across multiple product categories - Trousers, Shirts etc.

Resut: Sales increased by 200% in a span of 90 days.

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